What Are Progressive Slots?

For many players, some factors are crucial in deciding whether or not to play a particular casino game. Among other things, the ability to win loads of money is undoubtedly a significant factor.

What motivates people more than a chance to win big at a casino? Nothing is as tempting. Next to the exciting themes of slot games, beautiful design, bonus rounds, a number of free spins, many look for games in which they will have a chance to win a colossal jackpot

A large number of online gambling slot machines provides an opportunity for various jackpots.  Some of these games even feature progressive jackpots that only grow further as participants continue to play. There are many true stories about players who have literally gotten rich on slot machines, gambling with quite average stakes and winning a major jackpot.

But let’s examine slots in more detail. There are three varieties of slots: classic or traditional slots, video slots, and awesome progressive jackpot slots. Progressives are supplied by the network of players connected by machines in both online and ground-based casinos.

A percentage of all takings is pooled into the progressive jackpot prize fund. That fact is the reason why these games are a must-play at casinos. The technological progress of slot machine games in the last few years is nothing short of marvelous.

Gaming developers and providers are investing loads of money in the improvement of slot games. Nowadays, with this versatile approach to slots, the game is tailored to all kinds of players, from casual to high-rollers.

The charm of the game lies in its simplicity and functionality of “spin and win.” Anybody can score that life-transforming win thanks to slot games, especially progressive slots.

Unlike other casino games and card or table games, there is no need for any kind of strategy. Also, you don’t need to have a certain set of skills. You only have to make a careful game selection and mind your budget. After that, all is in Lady Luck’s hands.

It is essential to know that jackpot slots and progressive slots are not the same. Jackpot slots have that one jackpot, a predetermined figure that you can count on if you hit the right combo.

On the other hand, a progressive jackpot accumulates with every consecutive bet. It carries on growing as the players are feeding the machine.

These slots are a multimedia attraction that embodies all the features of a video slot. That means that they also contain wilds, scatters, free spins, expanding wilds, bonus rounds, multipliers, and similar.

Are They Hard to Find?

Fortunately, they are not that difficult to find. Prominent online casinos and their equally distinguished providers regularly display these games for the army of those who admire progressive jackpot games.

And for those that are devoted to the tradition of land-based places, casinos in fabulous Las Vegas, Atlantic City, formally-dressed Monte Carlo, etc. — just watch where the crowd gathers.

That merry rattling sounds and flashy lights are a good indicator that they are in your neighborhood. Players love them, and they keep loading them up hoping that one day their dream will be changed by a life-turning payout.

And an excellent thing about progressive slots is that the result of every spin is totally (read 100%) independent of all previous outcomes. If gods of slot machines are willing to please you, you’ll get the opportunity to snatch that big one.

Progressive slots are rulers among casino games. Once you hit the jackpot, you are in the money. Many casinos have various slot machines intertwined together, so they form a local progressive jackpot chain.

The jackpot rises every time someone plays one of these chained machines. It will continue to expand until some lucky soul — maybe you — scores the winning combination.

Types of Progressive Slots

The concept of a progressive jackpot slot is pretty simple to understand. As you can see, a bunch of players fuel the machine, and a percentage of inserted coins streams towards the progressive jackpot pool and accumulates.

There are different sorts of progressive slots.

The stand-alone progressive machine is not connected to any other slot machine in the casino. It has one progressive jackpot. Usually, these can be found in traditional casinos, and if compared to others, they provide the smallest awards. But the jackpot can rise considerably. That depends on how long will you wait for the jackpot to be scored.

The local in-house, or proprietary progressive machines, as the name suggests, are those that are locally connected to online or old-school casinos. There can be more than a hundred slot machines in a chain, so the winnings can vary from nice to legendary. They are smaller than 1,000,000, but usually, they hit the 100,000-coin mark.

The wide-area progressive slot machines are for those who are after big money, and their wallet can support that. Those are the machines that could reward you with gigantic sums if it’s your lucky day. They are connected together from numerous casinos. Typically, an independent operator monitors the whole system. This massive player network can provide progressive jackpots of up to 10,000,000 coins or more. But chances of getting one are minimal.

Odds of Winning Progressive Slots

Winning Progressive Slots

A helping hand from Lady Luck is essential when you want to win at progressives. On the other hand, if you look at the numbers, odds aren’t at your service.

You will have a better chance of winning at classic or regular video slots. It’s because these slots are entwined in a vast network of players. They are programmed in such a fashion that they have lower RTPs than standard slots.

But that network of gamblers also ensures that these jackpots are huge. Look at it this way — even if there are 100,000 gamblers, you will have a 100% random opportunity to grab it. So odds are 1/100,000, at least in theory. Your odds can be better if you pick a local progressive game that has a definite number of gamblers.

Have in mind that providers offer and distribute the same progressive games to a vast number of casinos — land or online-based. The higher the number of players, the higher the prize.


If you want to win, you’ve got to get involved. So if you have a large enough bankroll, and you don’t mind spending it, then you can hit it. If you maximize wagers and paylines, it will ensure you better chances to hit the magnificent one.

As previously said, you can win on any spin. However, it will not be because of your skills — it is pure luck. If you are willing to take a chance, spin it. Who knows, maybe you’ll win it!

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