How to Win at Slots

No matter how many casino games there are, slots have a certain magnetism about them, especially since they evolved and video slots were invented. They become shiny and charming with diverse graphics and adequate music. Apart from that, they are simple to play.

But is it easy to win at slots? No. There is only one reason for that. Casinos. It would not be profitable for them if they were more easily winnable. Video slots are designed to draw your attention and to amuse you. Contemporary slot machines work in a different way than the old ones.

So today’s slots are intelligent machines. If you want to enjoy playing a slot, prolong your time of playing, and eventually win, you have to be smarter. Do not be rash and lose all your coins at once. Keep in mind that they are mainly there for fun and entertainment. If you win down the road, all the better. Someone will win that jackpot, whether it be you or another slot player.

There are many great options and features, such as scatters, free spins, wilds, multiple paylines, and bonus rounds. All this is there to increase your odds of winning.

Get familiar with slots and learn how to play them. Do not mindlessly spin those reels; you will quickly lose everything.

Understanding the Mechanism

If you want to play and maybe win at slots, you must understand them. Nowadays, slots are all based on the random number generator, or RNG for short, in physical and online casinos alike.

RNG is an algorithm that guarantees the fairness of the game and provides a random outcome of your spin. It gives a variable combination of numbers which stand behind each symbol that appears on the reels.

But RNG does not influence the result of your spins in such a way that you can win after a series of defeats. No one can predict on which number the reel will stop at which point in time. Only luck can make you win.

Choose Reliable Casinos

Whether you’re planning a trip to Vegas, or you want to play from the safety of your armchair, the first thing that you must know is what casinos to visit.


These days, when everything is available on the internet, it shouldn’t be so hard to choose. Look for reviews. There, you will find out how casinos treat their customers and if they abide by all the rules and regulations.

Be smart and opt for one that has high marks.

Mind the Provider

The provider is hugely important. Providers whose name guarantees the quality of the game are always respected among gamblers. Some casinos have slots from only one provider. Also, some of them offer titles from various providers. It is advisable to check before you invest money and spin those reels.

Excellent quality of software helps to attract new users and keep loyal ones at the casino. Also, people play slot games longer if the quality of software, graphics, and sounds make them more alluring.

Some of the most notable providers and software developers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, RealTime Gaming, Play’n GO, etc.

The Right Slot

What does it mean to choose the right slot? No, it is not the one with fantastic graphics and amazing sound.

The right slot is one from a respectable provider and with a couple of good characteristics. Scroll down the paytable, mind the value of every winning combination, check the RTP of the game, and finally, discover how big the advantage of the house is.

RTP, House Edge, and Volatility

RTP, or return to player, gives you info on what portion of the total bet can be expected to return to players during an extended period of time. There’s no slot game that has an RTP of 100%.

It usually varies between 85% and 98%, though in most online slots, it goes up to 97%. It is always good to look for a slot with higher RTP, though it does not mean you will win $97 on your $100 wager, but rather, that your chances of winning will be higher.

The house edge is a term that describes the mathematical advantage that a game, and thus, a commercial gambling house, has over you as you play over time. This advantage ensures a guaranteed percentage of gain for the casino over time.

Moving on to volatility. This is a term that shows how often you can win and how big of a payout you can expect. Also, it is a level of risk involved in a certain game. Other terms in use are dispersion or variance.

Low volatility means that winnings are frequent but smaller. On the other hand, high-volatility slot machines pay grandiose prizes but rarely. Low or medium-volatility slots are less risky. They are preferred by players who aren’t after big jackpots but who’d rather get frequent, small or medium-sized payouts with minimum money spent.



Most slots have a settled jackpot, and it’s usually a small amount of money. It’s not that big if you compare this sum to what you can win playing a progressive jackpot slot.

But playing small jackpot slots will probably provide you with a better chance to win. Although it does not automatically mean you’ll win the jackpot, the probability of winning smaller amounts are always higher.

More Paylines Increase the Chances of Winning

Video slots are designed to provide multiple paylines. Some of them have predetermined paylines, some have an adjustable number of paylines, and it is up to you to pick.

If you activate more paylines, you will increase your chances of winning due to the possibility to get a winning combo on more than one payline. But playing all the paylines also means your bet is significantly higher.

Maximum Bets and Higher Denomination

If you choose a higher-denomination slot, it will be a high-paying machine. You need to be cautious there since it also means that if you are playing video slots and bet one coin on 20 paylines, you are betting 20 cents on a penny slot, but $1 on a five-cent slot. This difference in bet size means you can lose more money even though you’ll have a higher payback percentage.

For example, compare a one-cent slot with an 87% payback and a five-cent slot with 90%. Your loss on a 20-coin wager will be 2.6 coins on the former but 10 cents on the latter. Your guide should be your bankroll. If higher-denomination games suit your budget, they can maximize your payback and provide you with a better chance to win.

But if they will stretch your bankroll, then better stick to low-denomination ones. Do not bet the money you can’t afford to lose.

Maximum bet means the maximum amount you can bet on one spin. Nowadays, video slots often have BetMax button. This option is important in slots because, in many games, a progressive jackpot or regular jackpot can only be won by playing max bet.

But again, mind your budget because if you have $50 for a session, and the max bet is $5, you risk emptying your pockets in no time.

On the other hand, if you can afford to do it, place the max bet always when there is a chance of getting free spins or bonuses or if your only aim is to hit a progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots

The best opportunity to hit a big win at slots is through progressive jackpot slots. These are games with grand prizes which continually increase.

Every time you place a bet and don’t get that life-changing prize, the progressive jackpot grows. Though bigger prizes are attractive for many people, they also mean that the possibility of getting them is lower. Slots with this feature are high-volatility ones.

Do not forget that these kinds of slots require more money because of bigger bets and keep an eye on your bankroll. At the same time, you need to play for a longer time. If your budget allows it and you are willing to take that risk, go for it.

Set up Your Limits

Even before you get involved, it is advisable to set your limits and stick to them. Choose an amount of money for your entertainment budget that you feel comfortable spending and won’t get upset about losing.

When you’re choosing a slot, do it in consideration to your expectations and the money that you have. If you want to risk big, and you have the means — progressive slots are for you.

But if your budget is smaller, then start with small bets on penny or dollar slots and prolong the game.

Furthermore, set your high and low limits. If you start to lose and it escalates to a losing streak, it is probably a good idea to stop. Do not try to stay in that game in order to compensate for the loss. It is the quickest way to lose big.

Also, if you win multiple times, be happy with that but decide in advance when the right moment to stop is.

Knowing when to quit is a great virtue.

Pleasurable Experience

After all, you should realize that people always think they can win big with some special slots strategies. But it is all a matter of luck. Be smart when choosing which slot to play and make sure it will fit your budget.

Keep in mind that slot is a game, and you should relax and enjoy playing it. And then, if it is your lucky day, you will win.

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